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Creation of a custom logo, palette and brand standards document.

Logo design includes:
• Kick-off meeting
• Create 3-6 initial logo sketches
• Finalize one logo, including icon, font and color palette

  • Up to 3 rounds of client revisions
  • Creation of export files in a variety of formats for print & web usage
  • Project management (phone, email meetings)

A primary, secondary and tertiary palette will be developed.

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Getting started

In order to get started we'll need to learn about your business:

  1. What is the full name of the business as it is to appear in the logo? Do any of the words have more emphasis than others?

  2. Briefly describe what your business does and what makes it unique?

  3. Who are some of your competitors?

  4. What are 5 adjectives that you want your logo to convey about your business? (e.g. confidence, strength, community, elegance, etc.)

  5. How will your logo be used primarily? (e.g. website, direct mail, product packaging)

  6. What are 5 adjectives to describe what you want your logo to look like? (e.g. active, architectural, friendly, secure, etc.)

  7. If we’re creating an icon, are there any images that you can think of that you may want to use? Any we should avoid?

  8. What colors do you like? Any we should avoid?

  9. What are some examples of logos that you like, and what do you like about each of them? (They do not have to be in your industry).